San Diego Custom BBQ Island

San Diego and Southern California has some of the nicest weather in all of the United States. The year-round sunshine has allowed homeowners to construct elaborate BBQ islands not seen in other parts of the country.  An outdoor grilling space should be functional and stunning so that it adds value to your patio or backyard. Having a San Diego custom BBQ island installed to your specification will allow you to entertain friends and family with ease.

Custom Built BBQ Islands

When designing a BBQ island, the first thing to consider is the physical limitations: how much space can you dedicate to the BBQ? Once you have decided on the size of the area, you can be creative with the colors and material used to create the BBQ island.

Size: Your BBQ island should be the perfect size for your patio or backyard space. If the island is too large, it will over dominate the venue. If the BBQ is too small, it will not have the grandeur or “wow” factor that it deserves.

Shape: Most grilling Islands are rectangular or straight in shape; however, it need not be so. BBQ islands can have an L-shape, U-shape, or a semi-circular shape. A common strategy is to add a rounded countertop over a rectangular island thereby adding curvature to the otherwise blocky space.

Materials: countertops can dramatically affect the appearance of the BBQ island. Typical countertops can be made of tile, granite, stone slabs, concrete, flagstone, marble, or stainless steel.

Features: The size of the BBQ island will define the features it can have. Some BBQ islands include storage drawers, a refridgerator, an oven, a side burner, or an attached fireplace. BBQ islands can be customized to include an end table or a raised bar area.

Call Habitar Inc

When it comes to designing a BBQ island, you can be creative! Specializing in BBQs, we are confident that we can build a grilling station that is perfect for your outdoor living space.  Please  contact Habitar Inc for expert advice on your San Diego custom BBQ island project: (858) 683-7141.

San Diego Custom BBQ Island

San Diego Custom BBQ Island