San Diego Custom Landscape Construction

When it comes to San Diego custom landscape construction and designs, Habitar Inc is your company of choice. In business for over 10 years, we have been upgrading and transforming homes all over San Diego County. Our services include laying down decorative walkways and erecting retaining walls and fences. We design landscapes for residential properties and offer landscape maintenance services. If you are thinking of converting your lawn to an artificial turf, we can do that too. The team members at Habitar Inc are knowledgeable and can integrate drought-tolerant plants into your landscape making it a beautiful and sustainable component of your home.

Projects We Do

Retaining Walls: Retaining walls are practical and serve a purpose: they hold back soil, redirect water, and serve as a barrier to casual intruders. However they can also be decorative and made attractive with decorative facades, molded blocks, and the use of stamped patterns or texturing.

Fencing: One of the easiest ways of delineating space is the use of fences. Fences provide security & protection and prevents pets & children from wandering away. Fences can be made of wood, vinyl, stone, and other composite materials.

Landscaping: Landscaping is what we do best. We design and maintain residential grounds to keep it beautiful all year long. Well maintained landscaping adds value to your home and gives you a relaxing meeting space for parties and get together.

Artificial Turf and Sustainable Landscaping: With the rise in water prices and water restrictions, residents are looking for alternatives to the traditional grass lawn. Habitar Inc can help you find a “green” or environmentally friendly way to keep your property beautiful and sustainable. Artificial turf and rock gardens are becoming more and more popular in San Diego.

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Specializing in high-end landscape design and construction.  Please  contact Habitar Inc for help with your San Diego custom landscape construction project: (858) 683-7141.

San Diego Custom Landscape Construction

San Diego Custom Landscape Construction