San Diego Custom Pergola

San Diego custom pergola can be found in many public spaces for people to enjoy.  Many people have seen or experienced a pergola even if they did not know its name. A pergola is an architectural element often seen in gardens: it provides shade for walkways and sitting spaces. The design is an open lattice with crossbeams and vertical posts or pillars. Vines and hanging plants are often used to add greenery and increase shade. Modern pergolas may have electrical outlets, fans, lighting, or heaters attached.  Pergolas are sometimes compared to arbors (wooden bench with a roof) or awnings (overhead fabric coverings); however pergolas are typically larger, self-standing, and are not necessarily attached to benches or the side of a building.

Pergola Styles

Size and Shape Habitar Inc custom designs pergolas according to the size of your property. No longer will you be restricted to pergolas that are painfully small or awkwardly oversized. We will custom design your pergolas so that it is  aesthetically pleasing and complements your existing style. Most pergolas are rectangular but we can make unique shapes to fit your space and topography.

Materials and Options Traditional pergolas are made of wood but today, you have many options to chose from.  Most are not made of wood anymore, but can have food finishes made to look like wood.

  • Wooden pergolas are timeless and provide a classic look
  • Vinyl pergolas are affordable and easy to maintain
  • Fiberglass pergolas are strong and can withstand heavy wind loads
  • Aluminum pergolas are durable and allow for curves and arches
  • Composite materials provide a variety of modern colors and textures.

Color Most pergolas are brown and made to look like wood.  There are many shades of brown from pale brown, to the red or cherry woods, through the cappuccino colored hardwoods.  Some modern homes welcome white pergolas because they are neutral and can match with everything; as well, new materials like PVC are default white in color. A dusty green color is sometimes used as it blends with shrubbery. Some homes fare well with steely gray color which projects strength and masculinity.

Habitar Inc. Custom Design Pergolas

When it comes to pergolas, there are many options to choose from.  Please contact us at Habitar Inc for the perfect design of your San Diego custom pergola: (858) 683-7141.

San Diego Custom Pergola

San Diego Custom Pergola