San Diego Custom Pool Design

Nothing speaks louder than a perfectly designed swimming pool surrounded by luxurious outdoor living space. Swimming pools are not just rectangular boxes of water. Modern swimming pools can have integrated waterfalls, spas, and shallow areas for children. Pools can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your outdoor living space. For us to give you the best San Diego custom pool design, there are a few things you should consider.

Swimming Pool Design: Things to Consider

Purpose What will your pool be used for? Will it be for exercise, for entertaining, for children, or for aesthetics? Understanding why you want a custom design swimming pool will help us choose the best options for you.

Size How big do you want the pool? Will it be a modest pool which looks good and allows you go for a quick dip to cool off? Or will it be “as large as possible” so as to maximize swimming potential?

Shape Custom design swimming pools can be almost any shape. Rectangular and kidney-shape are typical, but we can make round pools (circular or oval), geometric pools (L-shape), freeform pools (any shape), Greek/Roman pools (rectangular with rounded ends), and infinity pools (no apparent ledge).

Color Most swimming pools are blue in color, though they can be made in other colors. Swimming pool color is affected by the depth of the water, by the ripples on the surface, by the surrounding landscape, and by the angle of the sunlight.  Thus, the color of a pool can change throughout the day.  At night, underwater pool lights can have a spectacular affect on the appearance of a swimming pool.

Features Swimming pools can have many features such as an adjacent spa, waterfalls or spillways, a poolside water fountain, or an integrated swim-up bar. Pools can be accessed with stairs, steps, or with a gentle slope (beach entry). Decorative pools can have strategically potted plants and groundwork vegetation to simulate a tropical oasis.

Materials There are basically 3 choices of building material for swimming pools: concrete & plaster, fiberglass, or vinyl. Each has its pros and cons, contact us for more details.

Habitar Inc for Your San Diego Custom Design Swimming Pool

If you are interested in installing a new swimming pool, Habitar Inc is your company of choice for innovative and beautiful design concepts. We are a high-end design and build firm serving San Diego and surrounding areas. Please contact us for consultation: (858) 683-7141.

San Diego Custom Pool Design

San Diego Custom Pool Design