San Diego Residential Irrigation

When you are adding a new lawn or landscape be sure to consider your San Diego residential irrigation options. It doesn’t rain very much in San Diego so you should install an irrigation system. You can commit to watering your grass and plants by yourself with a hose and nozzle, but this is inconvenient for large lawns. As well, watering with a hose can be inefficient because it delivers a lot of water in a short amount of time. Having a good irrigation system which delivers water slowly may save you money and reduce water run-off.

Types of Residential Irrigation Systems

Above-Ground Sprinklers Above-ground sprinklers are popular because they are easy to install, in fact most times you just attach the sprinkler head to a hose and turn it on. After a while, you move sprinkler to another location and keep watering. Above-ground sprinklers can be stationary, oscillating, or rotational.

In-Ground Sprinklers In this type of sprinkler system has an underground system of pipes which are connect to sprinkler heads. The sprinkler heads are flush to the ground and pop up when the water is turned on. These systems are often connect to an automatic timer so they require very little work.

Drip Irrigation Drip irrigation is exactly as it sounds. Water hoses with holes in them are draped on the ground throughout the landscape. Water slowly drips out of holes and penetrates into the soil to deliver water to the plant’s roots. Drip irrigation is more efficient and has less wasted water due to evaporation and overspray.

Soaker Hoses Soaker hoses are essentially the same as drip irrigation except that the hoses are made with a porous material so water seeps out slowly.

Rain Barrows Though not exactly an irrigation system, rain barrows are useful for collecting rain water which can later be used to water potted or hanging plants which do not get water from the sprinkler system. Rain water is also useful if you want to give extra water to a newly planted trees or shrubbery.

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San Diego Residential Irrigation

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